For, his spiritual training he followed the paths of about seven Mashaikhs. In those years, he wandered about all over India, completed his spiritual trainings at different locations in North India.

Now, he lives the life of the Spiritual Guide, Sufi Sheikh, at his residence in Aluva, in Kerala.Thousands are coming to visit him there on each day. He has lakhs of disciples. A majority of them hail from counted centers of North India. He has crores of disciples in Gulf and other countries also. He promotes the ideal of Tauhid, as preached by Prophets and their successors, the Folk of Allah.He call all the men and Jinn to the message of the sacred verse of Quran “And I(Allah) created not the Jinn and men except they should worship Me(Alone)” (Surah: 5.51:56). In the community of Prophet Muhammad (S.W),Sufi saints were the real profounder of peace and harmony. They nourished the harmonious living of different religions, and creeds in the world.

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He is the ‘Sulthan’ of the spiritual kingdom. Establishment of Thouheed is His mission. Purification and purgation of human hearts is His intention. He defends the hearts from vicious influence of the Devil.The Thouheed that we set aside, that we put in our shelves, that we hang in our houses, inside institutions and vehicles, that heard out of the mouth of preacher, that flows from the pen of  writer, that blooms in the masterly touches of a novelist; the serving of this Thouheed into the hearts of human being is His maneuver.Too many sorts of deterioration and disintegration have reigned over the century we are living in. Islamic intellect has victimized by the cultural demoralization. Things have gone upright down. What that is important has convinced as of no prominence. To say the truth, Islam has lost its spirit unto the inmost part. Nothing but voice of self-deceiving hypocrites and noise of uncivilized beings are being heard. The Islam, which had seamless glory and grandeur in the age before, has contracted into some worthless customs and norms.It is in such a blemished and bewitched aisle of the current century that the 36th Delegate of Prophet Muhammad T, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti, emerged to us, taking the will of the age into consideration, having endured with the Consent from a holy Delegate in that sacred series of Messengers of Thouheed.Visualizing the great drama of the world around Him, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti repeated the comment that Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani did on the world of 6th century, “Herein, dead is the Islam.”Can’t you get the real meaning of this comment? We are, already, aware of its appropriateness by the age of Sheikh Jeelani. But, what does it have with the modern age? What is your opinion on the modern cultural and religious life-line of Muslims? Is it straightforward? Is it alike to that of the age of Prophet and Swahaba? Never. Never it is!.Is there any absence of Muslims in the mainstream of power and politics? Are we awfully backward in educational sphere? Why did our country subject to this like deterioration?Our nation had blessed with the emergence of Islam by the age of Prophet T. Later it had witnessed the holy presence of Khwaja Mu’eenudheen Chishti.Let us probe in to the reasons in brief. Muslims settled organizations to show their mass power. Afterward they made use of organizations for the protection and nourishment of their wicked ideas. This selfishness and falsehood caused them keep away themselves from the teachings Allah and His Prophet asserted. They judged the things they cannot understand as wrong. Whatever and whoever come against their impious acts and concepts were thrown away from the mainstream of society. Thus, gradually, the Islam paralyzed.To such a world, wherein Islam was paralyzed, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti arrived with the appellation, ‘Sultan’. To the people, to get faith in perfected and stabilized manner he serves the Perfect kalmia thayeba , instructs the world to hold tight on the laws of Sharia, always advises the practical ways to establish Thouheed in hearts.
Challenges and the fact behindRisala (process of delegating Messengers, رسالة) has a hallowed history. The sacred Thouheed has a heavenly heritage. A heritage that wards off those who were unwilling to suffer, that turns a blind eye to those who were intoxicated with pride and prosperity, that irritates the insidious scholars who are digressed and are keen to lead the humanity astray, that calls for to do away with satanic streaks, that asks for the sacrifice of all that we love and like for the sake of the Creator. The gorgeousness of the Path trod by Ibraheem (A.S) (ملة إبراهيم) was of this splendid heritage. The vigor and the willpower of Ismaeel (A.S) too were of this fabulous heritage.Pharaoh the Great (Ramses II), Khosrau II and Heraclius were among those who themselves were seen trapped in trouble humiliating this heritage. Bal’am bin Baaoura, even after acknowledging the truth, nailed his own coffin withdrawing from this heritage. Ibn Saqa who defended the Islam for a long time from attacks of infidels, at the end, failed cocking a nook at this heritage. Abu Jahl, Uthba and Sheiba lost their ground opposing this heritage.The holders of لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله, all through the history, had to encounter too many objections. Its propagators had to come across so many obstructions. Prophet T, his Companions and Sheikhs were marked as deprived of truth by the scholars and many of them were banished.Imam Sha’arani (R.A) comments on the oppositions that Sufi leaders had to come upon:وقد نقل الثقات منهم الشيخ أبو عبد الرحمن السلمى وأحمد بن خلكان والشيخ عبد الغفار القوصى وغيرهم أنهم نفوا أبا يزيد البسطامى سبع مرات من بسطام بواسطة جماعة من علمائها وشيعوا ذا النون المصرى من مصر إلى بغداد مقيدا مغلولا وسافر معه أهل مصر يشهدون عليه بالزندقة ورموا سمنون المحب أحد رجال القشيرى بالعظائم وأرشوا امرأة من البغايا فادعت عليه أنه يأتيها هو وأصحابه واختفى بسبب ذلك سنة وأخرجوا سهل بن عبد الله التسترى من بلده إلى بصرة ونسبوه إلى قبائح وكفروه مع إمامته وجلالته ولم يزل بالبصرة إلى أن مات بها ورموا أبا سعيد الخراز بالعظائم وأفتى العلماء بكفره بألفاظ وجدوها فى كتبه.“The trustworthy scholars, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Sulami, Ahmad bin Khallikhan and Abdul Ghafar Al-Qausi and others quotes: They (the rulers of Bastham) exiled Abu Yazeed Al-Basthami seven times with the help of a group of scholars. They deported Dhunnoon Al-Misri from Misr to Baghdad, took captive and confined. And a folk followed him announcing that he is an infidel (زنديق). They charged vicious allegations against one of his beloved pupil, Sumnoon Al-Muhibb that they gave money to a woman and she imputed adultery to him and his companions. Owing to this he led a hidden life for a year. They expelled Sahl bin Abdillah Al-Tasathuri to Baswara and attributed contemptible deeds to him, accused him of unbelief in spite of his Imamath (Leadership) and majesty. He continued to live in Baswara until the last breath. They imputed inhuman accusations against Abu Saeed Al-Kharaz, the scholars accused unbelief on him quoting some of his words they could see in his books.”    Imam Sha’arani (R.A) continues:وشهدوا على الجنيد بالكفر مرارا حين كان يتكلم فى علم التوحيد على رؤوس الأشهاد  “They attested too many times that Junaid Al-Baghdadi is Kaafir (non believer) whilst he was preaching on Thouheed to the people.”To sum up, it is the similar opposition that is prevalent even now. The scholars who get on their nerves watching the growth and escalation of Thouheed are raising hands against Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti. Aren’t you aware of the comment of Prophet T on the scholars of the last age (آخر الزمان)? Let us put a glance on the holy Hadeeth:علماءهم شر من تحت أديم السماء“The scholars (of that society) will be the worst beneath the firmament.”Brothers,To whom do you surrender your soul and intellect? Against whom do you wage a war? For what benefits do you retard the holy avenue of Thouheed?Almighty Allah advises us in Qur’an:واصبر نفسك مع الذين يدعون ربهم بالغداة والعشي يريدون وجهه ولا تعد عيناك عنهم تريد زينة الحياة الدنيا“And keep the soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His Face; and let not your eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this life.”May this holy Verse create thunders in our mind and thoughts, make us meet with the Holy Souls who seek only their Lord and put their extreme effort in propagating the message of holy Thouheed, thus may Allah bless us to conquer the beguiling apexes of eternal success.
Is this process prevalent today?As far as we (who live in the last age) are concerned, is there any way to get our Belief perfected and stabilized, to release the last breath with faces smiling and lips chanting لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله?Prophet Muhammad T said:لا يصلح آخر هذه الأمة الا بما صلح به أولها“The last (part) of this society can’t be sanctified but with what the first (part) is purified.”This Hadeeth emphasizes the truth that the divinely defined method for the propagation of Islam, that Prophet T and His Swahaba followed, will continue to work until the Last Day. We have already discussed on the five essential aspects that found way in the life of our great leaders, Swahaba. i.e.1.     The Consent (إذن) from God or His Delegates2.     Thouheed (التوحيد)3.     Pledge in Thouheed (البيعة)4.     Love and Companionship (المحبة والصحبة)5.     Sharia (الشريعة)These five aspects should be brought together in our life. Only by applying these we can pave our way to success.Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) says:وليتحقق بأن الله عز وجل أجرى العادة بأن يكون فى الأرض شيخ ومريد، صاحب ومصحوب، تابع ومتبوع من لدن آدم إلى أن تقوم الساعة.“Be sure that Allah has established the system that there will be, in the world, Sheikh and the Disciple, Companion and the Accompanied, Follower and the Followed, until the Day of Judgment.”Yes, this holy string get never be slashed. This saintly series never get a break. This process of enlightenment never gets tainted. What only we have to do is to follow and love the Delegates of Allah in this series, to obey and adore the Representatives of Prophet T in this series.   Imam Sha’arani (R.A) wants us:فاطلب يا أخى شيخا صادقا إن طلبت الترقي إلى مقام الإخلاص ولا تسأم من طول طلبك له“O my brother, if you long to reach the stage of Ikhlas (sincerity to Allah) you should seek a Sheikh. Don’t be despaired if your search longs.”Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti is the Prince of this sacred series of Divine Delegates. He is the representative of Prophet Muhammad T. He is the true Successor of Sheikh Jeelani (R.A). We call you to His sacrosanct presence. Let none surmount your free will. Think for a while… take an honest decision… May Allah bless us.O Brothers, who long to be the holder of truth retarding the perseverance to the vice… O Scholars who, in spite of degrees and praises by people, haven’t felt the ecstasy of worships… O companions who, even though perform obligatory deeds with much care, lament of lack of truthfulness… O honest men who, although have moved a long way in Sufi Tariq, grieve for want of perfectness…The golden chance for your success has arrived. The Real Delegate of Prophet Muhammad T and Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) is waiting you having opened the vent to Repentance and Bai’ath,Awake, awake my dear brother…Before you lose the turns…Here, at the end, I wish you to recall the admonition of Sheikh Jeelani (R.A):إن الإنسان إذا لم يكن تلقن الذكر الشريف الذى هو التوحيد من شيخ مرشد له نسبة متصلة بالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فبعيد أن يستحضرها عند الحاجة إليها وقت مصيبة الموت.“If a man hasn’t accepted the holy Dikr, the Thouheed, from a Sheikh who can lead to truth and has a spiritual order that reaches unto Prophet Muhammad T, he will be far away from recalling it at the most needed time, which is the last moments of his life-journey.”

The path of Sufism is the path to the Divine Presence. Sufi Orders are connected through a chain of spiritual masters leading up to the Messenger of God, Mohamedrasolallah (S.A.W), may the Peace and Blessings of the God be upon him. The Qadiriyya Sufi Way is one of the many paths that bring the seeker to a journey of self-awareness and spiritual consciousness, leading him directly to the attainment of the true goal of being connected with the Creator. With the guidance of our blessed Teacher and Spiritual Guide Quthubuzzaman Sheik Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishthy, the Qadiriyya Way brings light to the essence of spirituality amidst an era of darkness and corruption. This class room is your gateway to the teachings, practices and events of the Most Distinguished and Perfect Qadiriyya Sufi Order which is led by Quthubuzzaman Sheik Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishthy Aluva-one of the greatest sufi Mashaikhs of all the human history

The Qadiri order

The Qadiri order was founded by Abdul-Qadir Gilani, whose tomb is in Baghdad. It is popular among the Muslims of South India. It is one of the most widespread orders in Sufism. It has many branches, such as Sarwari Qadiri.The present living leader of Qadiri sufi order in India: Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri ChisthiHazrath Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti is one of the greatest sufi Mashaikhs of all the human history. He set off in the path of Sufis at the younger age of 14. For, his spiritual training he followed the paths of about seven Mashaikhs. In those years, he wandered about all over India, completed his spiritual trainings at different locations in North India.Now, he lives the life of the Spiritual Guide, Sufi Sheikh, at his residence in Aluva, in Kerala. Hazrath Sultan Shah was handed over the Khilafa of “La ilaha Illallahu Muhammad Rasoolullahi

La ilaha Illallahu Muhammad Rasoolullahi

from the great hands of Syed Muhammad Badshah Yamani Qadiri(R.A) of Wadi, Karnataka. Qadiri of Wadi(R) left this world in 1399th year of Hijra. Now, Hazrath Sultan Shah is sought after by auliya, ulama and common people alike. Jeelani Shareef is the Aastthana of Hzt.Sulthana Shah which situated in the bank of great river Periyar of Kerala,nearest Aluva,a developed city as a part of great Cochin. Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery) is very near to Aasthana. Jeelani Study Center is an organization aims to spread the Qadiri Sufi Order, the mission of Hzt.Sulthan Shah.The main office of the organization is at Valanchery,Malappuram, Kerala.It has many district and unit committees throughout Kerala

Sayed Muhammed Badshah Hazrat Khwaja Shaikh Mohammad Badshah Qadri-ul-Chishti Yamani Raichuri Rahmatullan Alayh (1903 (1324 Hijri) – 1978), was a Sufi saint of the Chisti order in India, known commonly as Badshah Quadri or Badesha Qadri, who preached universal brotherhood and peace.Badesha Qadiri was born in Raichur, Karnataka, India, during Bakrid on 10th day of Dhul Hijja, on a Friday, to a sayyid family which originally came from Yemen. His family trace their descent from Hasan ibn Ali, the first grandson of Muhammad. At an early age, Badesha Quadri became a disciple of his paternal uncle Shah Nabi Mohuiddeen Quadri, of the Chisti order, who was then a renowned Chisti elder. He later became a disciple of Karimullah Shah Qadri. Before Karimullah died, he passed the role of Pir, the leadership of the Qadiriyyah and Chishti traditions, to Badesha Quadri.Badesha Quadri is entombed in Halkatta Shareef outside of Wadi in the Gulbarga District of Karnataka. His work is continued there by his son and successor Mohammed Ibrahim Shah Qadri (Ibrahim Shah Khaderi ) There is an annual festival or urs for Badesha Quadri and thousands of his followers travel to Halkatta Shareef for it. The urs marks the anniversary of the saint’s death. The term urs literally means wedding with the divine.Badshah Qadri is one of the most greatest person and we all ahle silsila-e-qadiriya is faith on him. Hazrat Peer Adil Bijapur Rahmathullah is also the peer of the silsila after hazrat Badshah khadri rahmath ullah Hazrat Peer Younus Ali shah khadri al chisti al ifteqari charage peer adil is one of the saint of the silsila who is present alive and give the true massage of allah and mohammedrasolallah to all people by the grace of god.

The roots of such Organic Intellectual life can be traced in scholars like Sheikh Zainuddin Maqdooms, Omer Qasi, Sayed Alavi of Mampurom, and Ali Musliyar…etc.